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Why join the our lab?

The Zhu lab is a new lab with enormous opportunities for motivated individuals to have a significant impact on the scientific direction of our group. Akin to a "startup culture", each lab member will have tremendous opportunity for leadership of projects and bring their own skills/viewpoints to the table, while also working in a collaborative environment of diverse team members and training in novel and cutting-edge single-cell multi-omics and bioinformatics techniques. 

Available Positions

Postdoctoral Fellow

Clinical Research Coordinator

Research Assistant/Lab Scientist



Join the Team

Instructions for application:

1) Fill out form below

2) Email with your a) brief statement of interest, b) curriculum vitae (CV), and c) three references.

Thanks for submitting! Please make sure to also email your 1) statement of interest, 2) CV, and 3) three references directly to

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