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Who we are

We are a multi-disciplinary group of diverse scientists, physicians and learners from various backgrounds coming together to address important questions using novel techniques to help improve the care of patients with concurrent cardiovascular disease and cancer, as well as those with cardiac immune diseases. Our group values passion, curiosity, dedication and collegiality.

Dr. Han Zhu

Director, Stanford Translational Cardio-Oncology Program


Assistant Professor (*2023)

Dr. Zhu is a general cardiologist with specialized clinical and research training in cardio-oncology and cardio-immunology. She focuses on the cardiovascular care of patients undergoing therapies for cancer, with a particular focus on the effects of immunotherapies on the heart. She received a bioengineering degree from MIT, medical degree from Case Western Reserve University, and completed clinical cardiology fellowship and internal medicine residency training at Stanford University School of Medicine. She did her postdoctoral research training in the laboratory of Dr. Sean Wu in the Stanford Cardiovascular Institute. Dr. Zhu’s research focuses on myocarditis, cardiac inflammation, and the effects of cancer therapeutics on the cardiovascular system. Her current research employs clinical data, bio-banked samples, and animal models combined with single-cell technologies to study immune-based toxicities in the heart. Dr. Zhu's clinic sees cardio-oncology and cardio-immunology patients and her lab focuses on devising new methods for minimizing cardiovascular complications in the cancer and autoimmune patient populations.

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Basic/Translational Research Team

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