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Current Areas of Study

Prescription Drugs
Scientist in the Lab

Prevention of Autoimmune Myocarditis from Cancer Immunotherapy

Use novel precision medicine approaches such as single-cell multi-omics to discover novel biomarkers and therapeutic drug targets to treat/prevent ICI myocarditis

Experimentally validate novel targets with animal and cell modeling

Discover and target putative antigens driving T-cell activation

Pathological Mechanisms of Cardiac Autoimmunity

Use single-cell multi-omics and experimental validation to uncover disease biomarkers in other cardiac inflammatory diseases, such as cardiac sarcoidosis and heart failure


Single-Cell Multi-omics for Disease Biomarker Discovery

Employ cutting-edge bioinformatics techniques to integrate single-cell multi-omics data to uncover biological insights in various cardiac inflammatory diseases

Explore novel applications of existing bioinformatics techniques to improve accessibility for the biomedical research community

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